Business Analytics

Do you get reports that really do not convey much about what you need?

Do you have to constantly create Excel versions of your reports?

Is the data conflicting? Are there different versions of the same report?

Did you invest in a good ERP implementation but outside of the few standard reports there are no other options to create your own report?

Your business and its environment are changing and so will your reporting needs. Can your system give you the data you need? Intelligently?

Is your reporting solution allowing you to take management actions?

Does it have “Actionable Intelligence”?


Here is our value proposition


We do not try to sell you any reporting solution unless we understand your business, its environment and the markets in which it operates.

We create a data warehouse model capturing all your “FACTS” and “ENTITIES” or “DIMENSIONS” of your business. This model will become your DATA UNIVERSE from which any reporting needs can be easily addressed. It becomes your ONE STOP REPORTING SHOP.

All our solutions are 100% Cloud enabled

All our solutions are 100% scalable & responsive for mobility (smart devices)


Here are some of our deliverables for your business


  • An all-encompassing data warehouse for your business
  • Stunning dashboards that give you the power to take action
  • Key Performance Indicators that are customized to your business
  • The ability to create your own reports
  • Distribute reports to your business units, employees, customers, suppliers or markets
  • Scheduled reports that run automatically and distributed based on workflows
  • Project Manage the implementation in our proven methodologies
  • Documentation on the entire system
  • Support desk


We would love to learn about your business, your industry and its data models. WE LOVE DATA! Why not have a discussion with us?