Social & B2B

Business is social today. By social we do not mean only Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn marketing. It means business operations are interacting through IT networks with customers, suppliers, manufactures, wholesales, partners

Does your business leverage these technologies to build stronger impenetrable ecosystems?

Have your tried to connect electronically with your suppliers, manufacturers, customers?

Have you ever evaluated the benefits of EDI? XML? Web Services? APIs? Social?

Did you implement any of these but the process is still manual and needs more intervention than before?


Here is our value proposition


We take an end to end, tightly integrated and documented approach to electronic business exchange with your business partners.

You may have heard the X12 numbers (810, 850, 830, 856…) or the DELFORS and DELJITS or the XML transform packages or VANS and AS1, AS2…While these are all technologies that we work with, what they do not do, is integrate them “all the way” to your end user systems. And that is the reason why we feel a tightly integrated e-system is the only TRUE implementation of EDI and electronic commerce.


Here are some of our deliverables for your business


Meeting 1: Brainstorming (our free estimate to you)
Among other questions we always ask these.

  • Why is it that you need EDI in your business now?
  • What advantages are your trying to get from EDI?
  • Does your industry have a forward thinking approach to EDI?
  • Are your trading partners (vendors, customers) have systems that can accept EDI?
  • What are your internal systems, processes and procedures? Across business units?
  • Are there pressing needs? Is there a mandate from a customer? Do we need this yesterday?
  • You have implemented EDI but why is it still very manual?


Meeting 2: System study
Meet with your software and IT services departments and vendors

  • What is your ERP system?
  • Are there customizations?
  • What is your network architecture? FTP, Firewall, Ports, Virtualizations, Servers, Cloud?
  • Who are the major trading partners?
  • Understand the transactional flow from order to cash.


Create a solution that fits your needs

Draw out a road map and create a prototype solution on paper

Project Manage the implementation in our proven methodologies

Documentation of all our solutions and provide a comprehensive support desk


We are very eager to hear about your EDI needs. It is always educational for us to know how your business could use electronic and EDI solutions. All you have to do is to contact us and let us be your “end to end, tightly integrated” social and B2B solution.