Customer Software Development

Your business has a niche and a competitive advantage in your market. Does your IT system and software align with your business model?

Is your IT department or software consultants saying that you will need to change the way you do business, your business that has proven success?

Have you worked with software development and all you got for deliverables are excuses that the scope was not defined or the live environment is different or the data is incorrect or that the sun did not show up this morning?

Are you getting documentation, proper support?

Here is our value proposition


We try to learn about your business, your industry, your market, customers, suppliers, competitors and your organizational culture and goals along with delivering and implementing software solutions that work when it is online. 99.9% of the time. There are no excuses. We work till you are satisfied and then proactively support your systems. That is our “excellence guarantee”.

Our documentation team creates user manuals and we make you comfortable that we are always there to support your investment in time and money. It is customer service that we are proud of.

We develop in Microsoft and Open Source technologies. If you have a choice we adhere to that or we see the methodologies that will work to solve your business needs and problems and recommend a platform.

ALL OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS ARE 100% CLOUD ENABLED. Simply put, if you are hosted in a cloud environment today or decide to explore the cloud in the future, our software solutions will work, out of the box, in any cloud environment.

All our solutions are 100% scalable for mobility (smart devices)

Our niche is our satisfied and lifelong partnership with our customers. Ask them


Our custom software deliverables for your business


  • Why you need custom software – consultation
  • Current process documentation – User interviews
  • New process documentation
  • Gap Analysis
  • High level design document
  • Software specifications, network and hardware requirements
  • UX designs, Prototyping in paper – what will it look like and what will it really do, connect, update and impact
  • Project Manage the implementation in our proven methodologies
  • Development plans
  • Test plans
  • Implementation plans
  • Maintenance and support plans
  • Spec and scope freeze
  • Weekly/Daily updates, sprints (depends on methodology chosen)
  • User Documentation
  • Software Documentations (if needed)
  • Support System or Transitioning to your support desk
  • If we have done our job to your satisfaction, a request to pass on the good word!


Let us call you. If anything we will get to have a good discussion about your business.