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Are Your Projects Either Bottlenecked or Not Implemented Due to the Combination of Spreadsheets, Incorporation of Multiple Systems and/or Manual Steps Eating Away at Your Time?

Are you sure that your current software/IT vendors truly understand your business, your customers, your competition and your company’s values?

Do you have yet to find a commercial off the shelf system that WORKS?


Do you want to ensure that your current IT system(s) and/or software systems align with your operations & business model without disruptions and need someone to trust?

Let us help you with your software & software development needs.

As Software Solution Providers & IT Consultants in the industry for nearly two decades, we’ve earned trust and secure undisputed results by servicing companies that use software to sell services/products, and companies that use software to run their businesses.

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Have an in-house software/software development team?
We can provide you with a blueprint on how to implement better control through implementations like DevOps or Continuous Integrations. These solutions minimize downtimes, reduce testing times and foster an environment for continuous improvement.

No excuses, no obligations. Take charge and set your company on the right lane, with their own customized Strategic Software Roadmap, valued at $3,000 – YOURS FREE, TODAY.

Stephen Sallah, CEO & President of LBM Advantage

(a $1.6B, 600-dealer location and 1000+ vendor Lumber & Building Materials Purchasing Co-operative)

“We are a large purchasing co-operative having 1000+ suppliers and 450+ members. Medullus Systems has been our software development partner since 1998 and in 2007 they were commissioned to develop an end to end ERP and ledger system for the company. It was a very successful multi-year project, delivered on time, on budget with not even 1 day of disruption! We recently merged with another buying group and this system was a key component in the merger decision. The system scaled very easily and automatically as we doubled our membership and vendor base in 1 day! Medullus was there all the way to support us during this integration.

They have a strong work ethic and a very good knowledge of business systems and processes. They are the most balanced IT group that I have dealt with in thirty years of industry experience as they continually balances business issues with IT issues. They have a strong understanding of both. In addition to developing systems to a dynamic and changing environment, our Medullus Project Manager acts as a confidant to me on a range of issues from financials to marketing to business processes. They are very creative and flexible in solving problems and have exhibited unlimited commitment and energy to solving programs and delivering every project on-time, on-budget and completely functional. I would strongly recommend Medullus for similar projects or any project in the Medullus portfolio. I would offer myself as a reference to the same.”

Stacey L. Shore, VP at UICI Inc, NJ

(a large Risk Management & Insurance organization)

“We are an Insurance Risk Management Consulting Firm and our software systems are the backbone of our operations. Our systems have been very stable, but a few years ago we needed to make some critical updates and decided we needed to do an overhaul. We contracted with Medullus Systems and they redeveloped our entire system with no impact to our operations! The system was delivered on time and on budget and we have been very happy with the end product. Medullus has always been there for us whenever we need them, be it for quick fixes or bigger changes. They take the time to make sure we are comfortable with every change. They always respond to emails and very promptly. I would highly recommend Medullus for any software development work!”

Anthony Trama, Senior Account Manager at Atlas Data Systems

(an Information technology services provider for Fortune 1000 companies)

“Medullus is one of the strongest consulting resources I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They go to great lengths to understand a client’s needs and doesn’t give up until those needs are satisfied. They have a remarkable ability to relate to a client, both professionally and personally. Medullus would be an asset to any organization looking to utilize their skills. I hope to have many opportunities to represent Medullus at clients in the future.”

Nancy Lew, Director, Informatics & Information Quality, Fresenius Medical Care

(a premier public-listed healthcare organization with 1000s of clinics)

“Medullus is a complete package, from writing and understanding business requirements, through technically implementing those requirements. They have the aptitude and skills to problem solve as well as think critically about alternative technical solutions. Any organization would benefit by having them on board.”

Gerald Busardo, SVP, Operations at Exigent Technologies

(a leading Managed Services Provider in the NY, NJ area)

“On behalf of our executive team, I’d like to share just how impressed we’ve been with your work, and how thankful we are for all that you’ve done, and continue to do for our customers.

It’s quite uncommon to find an external resource that’s not just willing but able to consistently represent our brand as if they were one of our in-house staff. Yet, over the last 10 or so projects you’ve been involved in, across at least 5 different customers, you’ve done just that – and then some.  As a result, we’re not just proud but eager to have you in front our most important accounts and we most certainly have you and your team factored in as key components in our future growth strategy for our Development practice area.

So – again, a very big THANK YOU from all of us. Keep up the amazing work, my friend!”

Troy Kenyon, President of MainSpring Health

(a leading Hospital Asset Management company acquired by a global giant)

“Mainspring first contracted with Medullus Systems back in 2008 to support and enhance our reporting platform. They have grown to become an integral part of our team since then. Recently they developed and implemented one of our signature products from start to finish and this product has been implemented at some of our largest clients. Medullus has excellent work ethic and well-defined processes, working closely with us throughout the process. Medullus team members became part of our team, available anytime we needed them and working as a part of our scrum-based development process. Their support helped us achieve successful product and market growth. If the need arises for additional contract software development, I will definitely call Medullus first and would recommend them with confidence.”