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We build highly affordable custom software for companies large and small. By applying modern design principles, in conjunction with the latest in cloud, mobile, and desktop technologies, we create tailored solutions that connect co-workers with each other and companies with their customers, simplify and accelerate business processes, and lower costs.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Ever since the day in 1950 that Alan Turing posed the fateful question “Can machines think?”, application developers have been clamoring to answer with a resounding “Yes!”. Artificial intelligence, often referred to as AI or ML (for Machine Learning), lets computer applications to “think” for themselves. The advantage of this is that it allows application developers to build in some automated processes to augment the end user’s experience as well as provide a more human-like approximation of a decision-making process. The software architecture team at Medullus Systems designs and delivers all our custom software solutions with integrated intelligence. Tools like Azure AI provide additional methods for the Medullus team to integrate software smarts.