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We build highly affordable custom software for companies large and small. By applying modern design principles, in conjunction with the latest in cloud, mobile, and desktop technologies, we create tailored solutions that connect co-workers with each other and companies with their customers, simplify and accelerate business processes, and lower costs.


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iOS Applications

Today, iOS users are on an upsurge and so is the demand for the latest iOS apps. Yet most mobile apps cannot keep up with the quality requirements of app stores or end customer user experience. Medullus can help you design feature rich iOS mobile applications to suite your business needs Mobile applications for business is all about getting your work done effectively and efficiently. To aid this Medullus has helped organizations develop mobile applications that streamlines business environments. Our applications ensure that organizations are always in touch with their employee, customers and vendors. Medullus’s applications ensures organizations the flexibility to perform critical tasks with ease. We help managers make informed decisions by giving them access to bankable data. Medullus ‘s experienced iOS app developers are equipped with in-depth technical expertise. Added to this our rich industry experience helps us deliver robust applications for diverse business solutions. Get used to doing more at lesser cost and time.


SAP helps to build a strong foundation for your IT infrastructure, and with it prepare you for growth. As marketplaces grow you need to use technology to take advantage of the growth and the opportunities they present.

The Strategy is to build upon existing SAP IT infrastructure with solutions customized according to your needs. At Medullus, our SAP experts focus on creating measurable results for you. Our expertise across industries helps us to craft industry specific solutions utilizing proven practices. Medullus can help organizations to implement and manage SAP and non-SAP applications using the central SAP Solution Manager platforms. Our expert technical team lets organizations take advantage of new functionality that is easier to consume into existing SAP landscapes.

Medullus empowers you with a host of SAP services that help to improve operational efficiency. Further we help you to tackle business challenges with informed decisions and enhance consumer engagement. Engage with us to automate your IT processes that support on-device, on-demand, and on-premise solutions

Data Analytics

You can take advantage of the newest tools to gain remarkable insights from the data your company routinely creates. Insights that will drive significant increases in revenues and reductions in cost. What are you waiting for?

Your data is growing at exponential rates. It’s hard to find time to wade through it, or to identify the best way to go about it. The insights from data can help managers and business owners take data-driven decisions that can improve turnaround times, efficiency and more.

Medullus has a team of business analysts and data visualization experts who can provide you with the visualization of data that will enable you to filter, sort and drill down your data visually. We can help you implement data analytics software that provide rich, visual solutions that bring together data from multiple sources to show what’s really going on. We can do it simply and affordably because of our experience and knowledge of the latest tools.

IT Consulting

With an existing business solution, it becomes increasingly difficult to evaluate various technology options. This is a big challenge especially for a start-up firm or firm where technology is not the core competency. Medullus’s experienced business technology consultants will guide you with strategic advice on technology, helping you decide on advanced solutions that would be cost effective and highly productive with respect to your business process. Medullus helps you adopt the right IT Strategy for your business, craft simple solutions to seamlessly drive your business objectives. Furthermore, our delivery practices enable us to align our solutions with your business objectives. Our Analysts with their share of knowledge in umpteen industry verticals and expertise help in the efficient implementation of projects and create systems that bring value for your IT investments.